What is Hydro Jetting?

Clogging of our piping system, especially the sewer line, can be frustrating. It may lead to the slow draining of the sewer, which can be a potential health hazard if not well taken care of. A sewer backup problem in Winston-Salem can contaminate our water sources, whether it’s commercial or residential.

When you have a constant slow drain on your piping system, you should consider contacting a professional plumbing company. These experts have smart ways of unclogging our piping systems to restore their normal functioning. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective methods that plumbing professionals use, and Bodenheimer Plumbing offers it as a solution to our customers.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a pipe-cleaning technique that a professional plumber uses to remove blockages on the piping system. It’s a non-invasive procedure that uses high-pressure water jets to clear clogs, debris, and build-up on the piping system. It can also be used to clear smelly pipes. The technique can successfully clear clogs and blockages that have been hard to deal with using other methods.

What Does it Entail?

Before the cleaning process starts, an inspection camera is used to determine the clogging or blockage state. This process helps us understand the source of the problem.

Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water as the main element to clean our piping systems’ interior surfaces. The procedure does not use any chemical; we should, therefore, not worry about the possibility of having harmful residue after the cleanup exercise. The highly pressurized water from 3000 psi or more is responsible for disintegrating any clog and blockage formation on the pipes.

This cleaning system consists of:

  • An inspection camera- it is ideal in inspecting the piping system before launching any unblocking processes. It helps the expert know the extent of the blockage on the piping and know the perfect pressure to remove it.
  • A pump to create the necessary pressure on the water before it gets to the nozzle. It is this pressurized water that flashes out the debris from the pipes.
  • Nozzle- this may come in different settings depending on the amount of pressure that is ideal for the cleanup exercise. In most cases, the nozzle has a design that allows it to burst water at 360 degrees.
  • Waste handling equipment. During the unblocking, debris and other forms of dirt are dislodged to this equipment.

When Is It Ideal to Use the Technique?

Hydro jetting is recommended when we experience recurring blockage on our water systems. Both domestic and residential piping systems experience clogging when grease, debris, and mineral build-up. The result may be unusual sewer smell, slow draining, and sewer backup in a full blockage. In some cases, we may experience sewer seeping out in the toilet or even in our bathtubs.

While other tools such as the drain snake can cut off growing roots in our piping systems, they cannot eliminate them. High-pressure water in this technique is the best choice when looking to terminate the roots permanently. It is also ideal for commercial facilities that require routine sewer system maintenances. Hotels and restaurants should use it to clean the clogging in their piping system resulting from food particles and grease.

What Are The Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

  1. It is a safe approach for cleaning different types of piping systems. There are other pipe cleaning tools and techniques that may damage our piping systems. This method minimizes such cases.
  2. The procedure can remove any blockage in the pipes. The high-pressure water will remove any debris on our piping system, not sparing the notorious blockages.
  3. There is no need to use any particular chemical in cleaning your piping system. Highly pressurized water is sufficient to kill even bacteria that could be lodging on the pipes. It is an eco-friendly way of cleaning sewer lines.
  4. The process does not require any digging to take place. This unblocking sewer line blockage can be done on any pipes without necessitating a dig up exercise. We can therefore save on costs that we would have paid for excavating our sewer lines.
  5. It is a long-lasting solution to our piping clogging menace. The high-pressure cleaning system leaves the interiors of our pipes clean and free from any debris. It may take much longer to experience any clogging, especially for residential houses.

Drain blocking can cause a nuisance to our family members as well as to our neighbors. We should check on any severe signs of drain clogging and call a reputable plumbing company in Winston-Salem for an inspection.

Hydro jetting is a practical approach to unblocking our plumbing systems. However, it can lead to further destruction if not handled by a professional. The highly pressurized water can damage a weak piping system and call a reputable plumber who knows what they’re doing. If you have a clog or other sewer issue, contact us at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services. Our team will be happy to assess your situation and provide the recommended next steps to clear the problem.

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