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New water heaters are far more energy-efficient than older models.

Water Heaters in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaDid you know water heaters are the second-highest source of energy usage in most homes? Water heaters typically account for about 15 to 25% of your monthly energy bill.

Water heater replacement depends on age, condition, and budget. Most water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years, and they can fail without warning. However, if your water heater is only a few years old, repair may be the way to go. AnchorThe plus side, though, is Anchornew water heaters are far more energy-efficient than older models.

Whether you repair or replace, water heaters will perform better and last longer if you flush the tank once a year to remove sediment. Build-up of sediment will cause issues with your water heater. Over time, water minerals react with steel, corroding water heater tanks. When water heaters spring a leak, repair isn’t an option.

AnchorBodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. offers an array of water heater types, such as:

  • Tankless (On-Demand)
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric
  • Hybrid

An ENERGY STAR-qualified heat pump water heater is one of the most efficient water heaters you can buy. That means lower operating costs – and lower monthly electric bills. In fact, most households are able to cut their water heating costs in half.

Contact Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to help you choose the right one for your needs.

*Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. is a participating contractor for the Duke Energy Smart $aver® program. Ask us how you could qualify for up to a $350.00 rebate when you purchase a qualifying water heater!

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AHRI Certified Water Heaters



AHRI Certified Water Heaters