Frozen Pipes,
Winston-Salem, NC

Consider insulating all exposed pipes to prevent freezing during the winter.

In Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc’s long history of resolving plumbing issues, one of the top concerns has been frozen pipes during the winter.

Frozen Pipe in Winston-Salem, NC

Water expands as it freezes, putting a huge amount of pressure on whatever is containing it (metal or plastic) and causing breaks, no matter the strength of the material containing it.

To help prevent major problems before the cold weather begins, take an assessment of the water supply lines inside and outside of your home such as:

  • Outdoor hose bibs
  • Swimming pool supply lines
  • Sprinkler supply lines
  • Water and sewer pipes that run against exterior walls and are exposed to the cold
  • Exposed pipes in the garage, crawlspaces, attics and even under kitchen & bathroom cabinets

Consider insulating all exposed pipes with specific products made for that purpose. These include heat tape, heat cable or pipe sleeves and adding additional insulation for your crawlspace, attic and basement.

Relocating exposed pipes by a licensed professional can be expensive, but the cost is minimal compared to frozen pipes bursting and flooding your home or business. Call Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. for more information or a free estimate.

To help prevent frozen pipes:

  • You should drain water from outside supply lines, including outside hoses, by closing inside valves supplying them and opening the outside valves to release the remaining water in the pipe. Store the empty hoses out of the cold.
  • If you have a water sprinkler system or swimming pool, ask your installer how to empty those supply lines.
  • When at a freezing temperature outside, allow cold water to drip from all inside faucets. This will help prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to expose the pipes to the warmth of the house. Be sure to remove household cleaners out of reach of children.
  • Keep your garage door closed. This will protect the exposed pipes within from freezing.
  • Make sure to keep your thermostat set to the same temperature throughout the day and at least 55 degrees if you are planning on going away for any length of time.
  • If you believe your pipes are frozen, shut the water main off to reduce pressure and minimize flooding if the pipes burst. Keep the faucets open so the existing water within the pipe can be released.
  • You can use heating sources to thaw the pipes, such as hair dryers or portable space heaters. You can also take heating pads or towels soaked in hot water and wrap them around the suspected frozen pipes.

If your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home or rental home will be empty during the winter, you may want to consider “winterizing” to help in the prevention of frozen pipes. Call Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. for more information and pricing.

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