Toilets, Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to toilets, we’ve seen it all.

Even though they’re one of the most underrated appliances in any home or business, chaos ensues when a toilet stops working. Did your toilet suddenly stop working? Are you fighting a clog that just won’t quit? Whatever problem you’re having, our team at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. is here to take care of whatever issue your toilet runs into.
Toilets Winston-Salem, North Carolina
When it comes to toilets, we’ve seen it all! Call us if you ever find yourself in any of these situations:
  • Your toilet leaks consistently, and you can’t figure out the cause.
  • Your toilet keeps clogging, even after multiple tries with a plunger.
  • When you flush your toilet, it runs and runs, until finally you lift the lid to the tank to make it stop.
  • There’s a crack in the toilet that renders it unusable or makes it leak after flushing.

Whatever problem you’re running into with one or more toilets in your home or business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, the help you need is only one quick call away. We can repair all the toilets in your home or business, or we can install a new one. There are many options to choose from, including water-saving options.

When it comes to toilets, we’re not ashamed to say we’re the experts in the Winston-Salem area! Give us a call at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. if you have questions or want to schedule a service appointment. Call (336)788-3966 or schedule your appointment online.

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