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Count on us for extensive knowledge, expert workmanship, and superior service for your kitchen remodeling.

Our kitchens are often the main working and gathering space in our homes. They serve as a place to cook, eat, clean, work on projects, and spend time with family members. You need a kitchen that can accommodate all of these needs and runs without a hitch. If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you can greatly benefit from the expertise of an experienced plumber, especially if you plan to change the location of your sink or any appliances or run gas lines to your oven or stove.

Kitchen Remodeling in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. we offer kitchen remodeling services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We can help you with design inspirations and plans, provide you with your new, upgraded plumbing materials and installations, and work with you throughout the entire project. With our extensive knowledge of plumbing comes the ability to problem solve and to ensure that each part of your kitchen remodeling project is done right. When you choose us for your kitchen remodeling, you can expect everything to look great both on the outside, as well as behind the walls.

As a third-generation family-owned plumbing company, we have been around for nearly 80 years. In that time, we have gained knowledge and experience that is hard to match. As a long-standing company, we focus on building long term relationships with our clients. Our friendly technicians will show you that we value our clients and work hard to make sure their wants and needs are met. We want your kitchen remodeling to be a positive and exciting experience with clear communication, excellent workmanship, and superior service.

To learn more about kitchen remodeling in Winston-Salem, call us at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc.