Garbage Disposal Maintenance: 9 Ways To Keep Your Drain Running Smoothly

Every time you use it, your garbage disposal is getting a workout. If you don’t properly use your garbage disposal or maintain it regularly, it has the potential to stop working and may need to be replaced. This requires unnecessary costs and a headache for your entire family. In order to keep your garbage disposal working efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of tips to maintain your garbage disposal so it continues working effectively for years to come.

Don’t Put Too Much Down The Disposal At Once

Although this might seem obvious, it’s important to note you shouldn’t put too much food down the drain at once. This has the potential of overloading the disposal and clogging your pipes.

Use Plenty of Water

Start running your water before you turn on the garbage disposal and dispose of anything into the drain. Then, continue running the cold water for 15 seconds after the grinding stops. This will help to flush the drain line entirely and keep the disposal free of food particles.

Maintain It on a Regular Basis

Every six months or so, clear out any buildup around the blades with a plumber’s snake (available in any hardware store). Be sure the disposal is disconnected to prevent any injury.

You should also occasionally use a disposal cleaner or degreaser to help eliminate any grease that may cause unpleasant odors. Always be sure that the product is authorized for use by the disposal manufacturer so you don’t cause any unnecessary problems or buildup by using the wrong product.

Have The Drain Line Professionally Snaked

Approximately every two years, you should have your kitchen drain line snaked by a professional as preventative maintenance. Of course, the disposal is only as good as the drain line serving it. At Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, we have a team of professionals who can help with your drain lines.

Don’t Dump Grease

You should never dump fat or grease into the garbage disposal. These tend to clog the drain and cause problems with the disposal. Especially in the case with grease, it may be liquid as you pour it into the disposal but will solidify later down the line, especially as cold water is added to the mix.

Use Cold Water

Always run cold water when using your garbage disposal. As we just mentioned, you should never dump fat or grease down the drain, but sometimes you might forget or have a guest or child that dumps these down the drain. Hot water will liquefy any grease or fat that you inadvertently put down the drain. Further down the drain, and once you stop running the hot water, the grease and fat will harden. This will eventually create a clog. This is why you should always run cold water with your disposal.

Avoid Hard or Fibrous Foods

Avoid dumping fibrous foods and hard items into the garbage disposal. They are more likely to clog a drain than softer food or liquids, which is why it’s best not to put anything with fiber in your sink. Instead, use the garbage can for these items.

Practice Safety First

Never put your hands into the garbage disposal even if you believe it is off. It is also important to teach young children about the dangers of putting their hands or items such as silverware into the garbage disposal. Accidents can and do happen, so it is best to prevent them!

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Smelling Fresh

Grinding up peels from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges is a great way to keep the grinding area smelling fresh. The natural acidity of these citrus fruits also helps to suppress the bacterial growth associated with odors.

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