9 Signs You Need to Call a Professional Plumber

Plumbing problems can be one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner will have. Sometimes the problem is obvious, and other times the problem is hard to pinpoint. Sooner or later, we have to call a professional plumber before water leaks have a chance to do damage.

Low Water Pressure

After living in our homes, we become accustomed to what the water pressure should be. During the summer, the water pressure might drop when the sprinklers are on. Or the water pressure might drop in the kitchen when someone is taking a shower. These are expected drops in water pressure.

But when the water pressure becomes low when it’s not expected, this might be a sign there is a leak somewhere in the home’s plumbing system. It can be difficult to find where the water is leaking. An experienced plumbing company can easily find and repair the leak.

Higher Water Bills

Homeowners in Winston-Salem know what to expect in their monthly water bills. When the water bill or water usage suddenly jumps up, there is usually a water leak somewhere in the plumbing system.

It is easy to find out if there is unexplained water usage in the home. Find the water meter and write down the readings. Do not use any water for at least three hours, and check those numbers. If the number increased, it is time to call a plumbing company to find the leak.

Running Toilet

One of the most frustrating problems is a constantly or intermittently running toilet. It’s probably happened to all of us at one time. In the middle of the night, we hear the toilet start running, yet no one is up in the house. It stops, and then it starts again.

Or the toilet is always trickling water, and nothing seems to get it to stop running. The toilet was flushed an hour ago, and it’s still running. If the tank is continually filling and trickling into the toilet bowl, this can indicate a leak or a damaged seal.

Burst Pipes

A pipe can burst for several reasons. A common cause of burst pipes comes from ice accumulation which can form in the pipe, causing it to burst. Other reasons include excessive water pressure, the ground shifting, and clogs from tree roots, debris, and other objects.

Sometimes it’s easy to see where a water pipe has burst, and other times it is hard to find the break. It can be in plain sight, behind walls, in the middle of the yard, or directly under the foundation. An experienced plumber will know what to look for when it comes to locating the burst pipe.

Impossible to Clear Clogged Drains

We’ve all noticed at times that when taking a shower, the water seems to be pooling around our feet. Or the sink is taking longer and longer to drain until one day it just refuses to drain.

We can try chemical drain cleaners, and they might work. But there are those times when nothing seems to clear the clog and get the drain to drain. This is when you will need a professional plumber to clear the clogged pipe of debris.

Sewer Line Backup

This is one of those plumbing problems where an experienced plumber will certainly be needed. A sewer line backup might start with the smell of a sewer line in the home or basement. This should be a major concern and a good reason to have a professional plumber come out to your home or business.

Professional plumbers have equipment that allows them to take a camera into the main sewer line while watching on a video screen. They can help determine the reason for the sewer odors or the main sewer line backup. Usually, the problem occurs because tree roots have grown into the sewer line, or the line has partially collapsed.

Water Marks

Watermarks that appear on the ceilings or the walls are a major concern. Sometimes it is easy to determine where the leak is coming from. It isn’t always easy to find the leak because water can travel, causing the watermark a distance away from the actual leak.

A leak like this can come from toilets, showers, the sink, or appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine. Another source of watermarks on ceilings and sometimes walls is a leaking roof.

Gurgling Water

Many might not realize that it takes air to drain the water. That is why we have vents on the roofs of our homes. Sometimes we might notice that the toilet starts to gurgle when we turn on the shower.

This is the time to call a plumber right away. Drains might not drain, or the toilet might not flush properly, and there is no obvious reason why. Something is clogged, and it will most likely take a plumber to find what is clogged.

Hot Water Tank Problems

The obvious sign of a water tank problem is that there is little or no hot water. This could mean the hot water tank needs to be replaced or just adjusted, and a plumber can determine quickly which it is. Another sign is rusty colored water. Rusty water can be from corrosion in the pipes, unsafe water, or an old water tank.

We recommend that if any homeowner has these plumbing problems, they call a plumbing professional right away. Problems like these can cause serious water damage. If you’re in the Winston-Salem area and need the assistance of a professional plumber, contact Bodenheimer Plumbing today.

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