4 Common Water Line Problems

Even a water line in the Winston-Salem area that was properly installed many years ago is going to need some attention now and then. Before you call on a plumber from Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc, let’s take a moment to discuss four common water line problems you may find yourself having to deal with at some point.

1. Burst Pipes

A pipe that bursts often results in an immediate loss of water pressure. It can also cause extensive damage from the water that goes into the surrounding areas. This can be especially problematic in walls, basements, or under foundations. A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that needs to be addressed immediately to minimize damage.

If you have a pipe the bursts, shut off the main water supply and give a plumber from our team a call. As for why a pipe may burst, common culprits include:

  • Extremely cold temperatures
  • Hard water buildup
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Old age

The way a burst pipe is fixed will depend on where it’s located and the extent of the damage. In some cases, it may be possible for our trained technicians to make strategic repairs. Other times, the entire water pipe may need to be replaced.

2. Noisy Pipes

Normally, pipes do what they do without making any noticeable noises. However, water lines that are becoming noisy do indicate a potential problem that can get bigger over time. The good news is that noisy pipes aren’t as much of an emergency as a burst water pipe. The noise is often related to air that’s in the pipes, and this accumulation of air may create a banging sound or other similar and noticeable noises.

One way to resolve a noisy pipe problem is to turn off the water supply. You’ll then need to drain your pipes completely and let them fill back up. What this does is remove air from the affected pipes. If this doesn’t solve the problem, give us a call and we’ll find out what’s causing noisy pipes and recommend a solution.

Some other possible reasons for noisy pipes include:

  • “Water hammer”: This is the term used to describe a loud thud you might hear when water is turned off and the rushing liquid slams against the shut-off valve. A possible reason for this is an air chamber that gets filled with water over time.
  • Copper pipes: Hot water can cause copper pipes to expand. Noise can result as the expanded pipes rub against studs, joints, and other structures in your home. Adjusting water temperature may help.
  • Water pressure too high: If your home doesn’t have a pressure regulator, noisy pipes may become an issue when water pressure gets too high. One solution is to either fix an existing pressure regulator or install one.


3. Low Water Pressure

In order to work correctly, water pipes need to have water going through them at a consistent and steady pressure. This is what allows water to flow properly and be available when needed from your various fixtures and water-based appliances. But water won’t flow correctly in your Winston-Salem home if you have low water pressure. There are many reasons why you might have low water pressure. Some of the possible reasons include:

  • Small leaks
  • Hidden leaks in walls or underground
  • Corrosion buildup inside pipes
  • Sand, dirt, pollutants, and other types of debris in pipes
  • Issues with the incoming water supply


Because it’s not always easy to determine why water pressure is low, it’s best to give our courteous, skilled team a call. Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough inspection to identify the source of the problem and offer sensible solutions.

4. Sediment Buildup in Pipes

Sediment sometimes builds up in water pipes to the point where it becomes to be seen in water coming out of various fixtures. You may also notice rust-colored water or water that’s harsher. In some instances, sediment accumulation can affect how water tastes when it’s used for drinking and cooking. It’s a problem that’s often caused by the gradual buildup of debris and sediment in older pipes.

Sediment buildup doesn’t necessarily mean that a pipe will break or burst soon. Even so, ignoring signs of sediment buildup can contribute to future problems. If not corrected, sediment buildup in pipes could also contribute to:

  • Issues with poor water quality
  • Damage to washing machines, water heaters, and other water-based appliances
  • Problems with faucets and other fixtures


The solution that’s appropriate will depend on what’s causing the sediment buildup. With some situations, you may benefit from a new or repaired water heater. Other times, aging pipes may need to be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

If you are experiencing any of the water line problems discussed above or another issue with your water lines, we’re here to help Winston-Salem homeowners like you. Please submit a request if you would like to schedule an appointment. For an estimate from a plumber or a service call to resolve a plumbing issue, please call us at (336) 788-3966.

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