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Amazing company! I called them in the morning about a water leak in our front yard and they came out within a couple of hours. Got everything fixed in less than 3 hours. Very affordable rates. I would definitely call them again if I ever have any problems again. Cameron was the technician that fixed the water leak – he was so nice and explained the whole process. 100% recommend this company to anyone who needs any kind of plumbing service.

Quang V.

Gave them a call and Louis came out the next business day even though I wasn’t having an emergency. He was polite, friendly, professional, and worked quickly. I will absolutely call Bodenheimer Plumbing Services again the next time I need a professional plumber. First class!

Scott B.

Great service – this was my second call to them. Fortunately, they did not have to come out this time, but instead instructed me over the phone on all of the things to check first – turns out it was a running toilet, which I fixed myself. Very satisfied customer.

Rebekkah T.

They have fixed a few minor items, that I didn’t feel like doing myself. I had them replace some cast iron pipes that had started to fail in our basement. They did just a fine job. They come out when they said they will, and they are dependable. They did the job on time and were reasonable. They get high markings. You can call them when you have a problem, and they come take care of it.


We had a burst pipe during January. Bodenheimer Plumbing Services has done other work for us. In this case, it was an emergency as we wanted to get our water turned back on asap. They were very quick, and the plumber had to go to a remote and difficult place in our crawlspace to do the work. I am very pleased with what they did, how quickly they did it and the price was fair.


Bodenheimer Plumbing Services installed a tankless water heater for us in a pinch! Andrew was so polite & professional! He went above and beyond to help the county pass it quickly! I will never use another plumber!!!

Ashlee H.

Installed new water heater and removed old one. Our water heater was not heating properly. Came out soon after I called and checked it. We needed a new one and it was installed the next day. Terry was wonderful and professional.


I have truly been a customer for twenty years; both home and office. Bodenheimer Plumbing Services IS the Very Best!! I am a customer for life. I highly recommend.

Mark E.

Bodenheimer Plumbing Services is a must in Winston-Salem. They repaired a number of things at a rental house we lived in and were always quick and professional. Now we own a house and have had a number of issues with a bathroom. After going through multiple plumbers giving different advice at varying costs, I remembered Bodenheimer Plumbing Services. Their quotes have been reasonable, they are incredibly professional, and they do an excellent job. In particular, Brad worked on our house and he was so great. He was thorough, very thoughtful, and our crazy dog even liked him.

Austin P.

Excellent company with experienced employees who have extensive knowledge about boilers. If you need a boiler repaired or replaced, then this is the company you should call.

John B.

I needed a dishwasher installed in a difficult location and needed a new water heater. The plumbers were very intelligent, knowledgeable, respectful, and enjoyable to talk to. They left the place cleaner than they found it and we’ve had zero trouble with anything they worked on.


They provide plumbing services. They’ve worked on everything from boilers to general plumbing for 20 years. It’s been a while since I’ve had to call them. They may not always be the cheapest, but I think it’s worth it.


We have used their services a few times and they are always on time or are able to arrive earlier. Repairs are done efficiently and are reasonably priced. Our latest repairmen, Bill and Josh, were friendly and professional.

Paul S.

Highly recommend!! They truly care about people & go out of their way to help. Thank you!!

Mary H.

We needed a plumber on a Sunday and could not have asked for better service. The plumber was efficient and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend this plumbing company.

Paddi L.

In a bit of a rush with a sink that failed to drain, I called Bodenheimer Plumbing Services on a Tuesday late afternoon and they made a swift appointment for first thing Thursday. Cameron came by and was the most kind and delightful plumber I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Extremely professional and knowledgeable outfit if Cameron is representative of the rest of the crew!

Tessa G.

They were prompt, courteous, and most importantly, they did a great job at a fair price! This is the second time I’ve used them and the second positive experience I’ve had!

Hu Wo.

They did some repairs on a shower. We have used them before. They are professional and offer high-quality service, and they were here when they said they would be.


Replaced hot water heater and pressure reducing valve. Excellent. Workers arrived on time and kept the work area clean. Would definitely hire again for plumbing issues.


Unfortunately, in the three years since we bought our home, we’ve had a rash of plumbing issues. We have had running/broken toilets, shower leaks coming through the kitchen ceiling, a water main burst in our front yard, sewer blockages, and on and on… It’s been very trying. The service from Bodenheimer Plumbing Services has been the only good part of any of it. When the water main was broken, we had water squirting through our basement wall and flowing across the floor. Bodenheimer Plumbing Services had someone come out to our house right away and diagnose the issue, and they were working on it early the next day – they already had the city do some marking (so they could dig) and they were busy putting in a new main water line. The home insurance company was still offering us confusing/worthless advice when the job was already done. When we had (one) of our sewer blockages, there was an experienced plumber there quickly on Sunday and he got the job done quickly. Now, I’m very comfortable calling Bodenheimer Plumbing Services every time the next mess hits; it feels like we are in the business of maintaining this old house together.

John C.