Tips for DIY Home Remodeling

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At Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc., we understand the benefits of handling a home remodeling project at your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home on your own. Between the money saved and the feeling of accomplishment when it is completed, it is worth considering a DIY kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room remodeling project. As a full-service plumbing company that assists both contractors and homeowners with remodeling plumbing services, we have a few tips that will make your project go more smoothly.

best materials and remodeling techniques

  • Planning: It might seem like doing the remodeling work itself will be the longest part of the project, but you might save on that time quite a bit if you put extra time into the planning stage. You could easily save money, as well, by taking time to research the best materials and remodeling techniques so you don’t end up having to do anything over again.
  • Budget: Set a budget and stick to it. Decide which components of your remodeling project are non-negotiable needs, and then see what is left for the “wants.” A good rule of thumb is to put the bulk of your budget into items that are the most difficult to swap out later. For example, have us put in quality materials for the plumbing behind the walls and choose a lower-priced fixture, if need be, that can be changed later.
  • Get Help: It is fine to do the bulk of the work yourself, but be sure to leave the specialized tasks such as plumbing and electrical to professionals, especially if you have no experience in these areas. You won’t have saved money on your remodeling if you face serious water damage or an electrical fire because you tried to do these yourself and made a mistake.