Bathroom Remodeling Jobs for Your Plumber

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A bathroom is a very private space. It’s also one of the most-often used spaces in any home or office, so remodeling it into your dream bathroom is a common remodeling request. If you have a remodeling job that you want done in your bathroom, in addition to finding a qualified contractor and designer, you’ll also need a skilled and expert plumber. There are many things in a bathroom remodel that will require a plumber, some of which include:

  • The addition of a sink/bidet. Many people these days are adding bidets to their toilets. Because the installation requires plumbing expertise, it should always be done by a skilled plumber. Additionally, even if you have the room for an extra sink, the installation of one will require the skills of a plumber.

move the fixtures around during the remodeling process with the help of your plumber

  • Changing the layout of the bathroom. If you’re sick of wasted space in a poorly designed bathroom, you can move the fixtures around during the remodeling process with the help of your plumber.
  • Converting a bath into a shower. Even if the new shower takes up the same square footage as the tub, you’ll still need the help of a plumber to ensure proper drainage. If you want to move the shower head around or add additional shower heads, make sure you not just have a plumber on the job, but that the water heater is up to the task as well.
  • Installation of jetted or soaker tub. Without proper installation, these bathroom fixtures can leak and cause major problems very quickly!

If you’re looking for the help of a skilled plumber during your remodeling process, contact us here at Bodenheimer Plumbing Services, Inc. for assistance on your next remodeling project.